Open Data


Project’s team

  • Rodrigo Robles
  • Andres Castro
  • Evelyn Namoncura
  • Roberto Cossio
  • Sergio Blanco

What data do we have available today and what strategy should we take to display information?

Open Data lies between the strategic projects of ChileCompra above two verticals: generate value for our civil servant’s users in terms of efficiency in their purchases, and reached the five stars of the Open Contracting standard.

Before its redesign, a few systems were available. Each project was seeking a different outcome and therefore, generated a confusing understanding of the open data’s meaning and purpose.

Through an internal workshop and under the question ¿What do we understand for open data? we defined a new definition which enables us to guide the project and talk in the same code.

Analyzing six websites that gathered different data in different formats, we got the general picture to see the goals of each project.

From our initiative index and kick-off meeting, we arranged collaborative workshops with our users to understand the relationship between purchase behaviours and purchase efficiency data. With interviews, cardsorting sessions, and cultural probes, we identified the desire behind the data request and its use.

Our main insight had relation with the language and logic employed over the data. Their use in each institution is focused on temporality rather than purchase instruments. Which means information associated with their historic behaviour is more relevant than a complete detail of tenders.

The research was an important tool to draw the new information architecture and map out new stages to enhance the data.